What to Buy

FIE Epee

What Fencing Equipment to Buy

At Loudoun Fencing, we realize that everyone has their own favorites when it comes to fencing equipment. In an effort to make your shopping process a little bit easier, we've provided a helpful database of high-quality fencing gear designed to suit entry level competitive fencers.

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Starter Packages

If you buy a starter package, please make sure it includes two electric weapons (not practice ones), two body cords, and a mask suitable for competition. The description of the mask should state that it is suitable for tournaments or mention that it is a 350N or 800N.

Must Haves*

These are items you must have in order to compete in tournaments:

Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
Men's Knickers
Women's Knickers
Men's Chest Protector
Women's Chest Protector
Underarm Protector

Two Electric Epees**
Two Body Cords
Knee High Socks
Athletic Shoes

Additional Items:

Additional Epees & Body Cords
Fencing Bags - With Wheels or Without

A Tool Kit

Fencing Uniform

Suggested Upgrades for Electric Epees

German Aluminum Light Epee Guard
Transparent Pad                          Leon Paul Epee***

German Epee Point
Harut Mamba Grip or Grand Prix
Hard Cover
FIE Epee

Equipment Manufacturers:

Absolute Fencing
Leon Paul
Blue Gauntlet

* If you prefer to start slowly with equipment purchasing, we recommend starting with a mask and glove.
** We suggest speaking to your coach before purchasing an epee. However, this is the least expensive option, which we recommend in a #5 blade size for fencers 11 or over, and a #2 for younger athletes.
*** This is a mid-priced alternative to the least expensive option.