Fencing Classes for All Levels

Our camps, lessons, and classes focus on electric epee fencing, the modern evolution of the rapier duel. Epee fencing is the most straightforward of the three Olympic Fencing disciplines. In this form, the athlete that hits first scores the touch and the whole body acts as the target.

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Beginners Class - $250 for 8 Weeks

Our beginners fencing class is designed to introduce the basics of the sport. In this course, we teach basic footwork and how to correctly hit your opponent while introducing the rules of fencing and the required equipment. Each class is divided into four segments: warmup, footwork, drills, and fencing.

Throughout the session, students will have the opportunity to hook up and use electric scoring equipment. Once students can demonstrate the basic skills, put on their fencing gear unassisted, and hook up to the electric scoring equipment unassisted, they will be eligible to move into the recreational or competitive classes. Classes are held once a week for eight weeks.

Fencing Instruction

Classes may be canceled if there are fewer than six fencers registered. Maximum enrollment is 14 fencers per class. Fencing gear will be available for individuals who do not have their own gear and is included in the price of the class. Fencers should wear long athletic pants and athletic shoes to class.

Recreational Class - $250 for 8 Weeks

Recreational classes are available for students who have mastered the basic skills taught in the beginner class, but who are not interested in competing or aren't quite ready to join the competitive program. Classes are held once a week for eight weeks and last an hour.

Competitive Class - $250 for 8 Weeks

Our competitive option is open to students who have mastered the basic skills taught in the beginner class and are interested in competing. There are three levels in the program that are based on skill rather than age. A coach will determine the most appropriate level and let you know when you are ready for the next level. All students in the program are expected to take at least one private lesson per week.

As with our other classes, fencing gear is available for students without their own, but we strongly encourage students at this level to have their own equipment. Additionally, students enrolled in a competitive class are allowed to participate in open fencing without purchasing a club membership.

Level 1

At this level, students will build on the skills they learned in the beginner class, focusing on improving these skills so that they can be executed with proper technique. We run these classes in 4 segments with a heavy focus on technique and fencing electrically.

Level 2/3

Designed for both level two and level three fencers, this course is run like a level 2 class but with a focus on strategy. In this course, level 2 fencers build up foundational technique skills while getting a glimpse of the strategic lessons provided in level 3. This class also gives level 3 fencers an opportunity to step back and focus on enhancing their technique.

Level 2

This competitive class further expands students' skillsets beyond the level 1 course. Students at this level are expected to have a solid understanding of fencing footwork and basic technique. Level 2 classes will use the technique learned in level 1 and build off of these skills in order to execute actions in a variety of ways, with a focus on improving footwork and technique through specific drills.

Level 3

Students in level 3 are expected to have a solid foundation of how to set up and execute fencing actions. Level 3 will not focus on the technique of executing actions, but rather the strategy of a fencing bout. During this class, students are expected to warm up on their own (as they would during a competition) and fence for the majority of the class while focusing on various concepts.

Footwork Classes - $125 for 8 Weeks

Master your footwork with this 30-minute class. This class requires no gear other than the shoes students plan to use for fencing. Class focus varies from day to day, and students should be able to tolerate 30 minutes of footwork-specific drills. Students must be at least in our level 1 competitive class to attend this course. Classes are held once a week for 8 weeks, with fencing-specific conditioning held once a month.